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I have found some great 5 watt led bulb recently, I was so impressed by them that I decided to devote a whole page just for these 5 watt led bulb! I am going to share some tips to help you choose the best 5 watt led bulb.

If there is a 5 watt led bulb is on your wish list, read on.

Top 5 Watt LED Bulb

Philips 425306 8.5-Watt (65-Watt) BR30 Indoor Daylight (5000K) LED Flood Light Bulb, Dimmable

Philips Energy Saving LED 13-Watt BR30 daylight (5000K) indoor flood light is ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms. It provides a white light similar to natural daylight and provides a wide beam of light, perfect for general room lighting.

Product Comparisons
  • “I very much like the “Daylight” color — bright white.” – Paul Griffith
  • “This bulb is an “almost” perfect replacement for a “traditional” incandescent.” – G33kman
  • “Very nice and bright light.” – Pelle

Box of 24 - 5 Watt Silicone Dipped Country Candle Lamp Light Bulbs - Replacement Bulbs for Candles and Chandeliers
Lamp Specialties

These unique and charming light bulbs give the appearance of a real glowing flame when lit. The translucent silicone is flexible and carries the light up to the tip to provide a realistic flame look! These are clear, steady burning 5 watt, 120 volt candelabra base bulbs and can replace the bulbs in almost any electric window candle.

Bulbrite LED5CTC/27K/D 5-watt Dimmable LED B11 Chandelier Bulb, Candelabra Base, Clear

Bulbrite’s dimmable LED chandelier bulb uses a super high power chip providing the brightest LED light, offers smooth dimming, long life, and energy savings; making it an ideal replacement for standard chandelier bulbs.

Globe Electric 01804 5-watt LED For Life B Type Dimmable with LED Candelabra Base Chandelier Light Bulb and  40-watt  Equivalent, Soft White
Globe Electric

Globe Electric 5 watt b type dimmable soft white, LED candelabra base light bulb, 40w equivalent is an energy star approved light bulb that has an instant on feature and much more.

Genuine Great Eagle 5W LED A19 Bulb with E26 base. 3000K IdealK Color. UL Listed. 5 watts replaces 40 watt incandescent bulb. CRI of 80+ equals true color rendering - 400 lumens
Great Eagle Lighting Corporation

This is a 40 watt high quality replacement LED bulb. A true LED replacement for the traditional 40 watt incandescent light bulb. Our bulbs have IdealK technology.

EcoSmart 400036 8.5-Watt (40W) Daylight (5000K) A19 LED Light Bulb

The EcoSmart A19 8.5-Watt (40W) LED Light Bulb can be used to replace a A19 or 40-watt bulb. The daylight white LED bulb has an output of 510 lumens and can last up to 25,000 hours for extended use; saving you up to $87 per bulb over the course of the bulb’s life.

ABI 5-Watt Warm White Candelabra LED Light Bulb, E12 Base 300 Lumens

This attractive 5W LED candelabra bulb can save you up to $105 in energy costs over the course of its life when compared to a 40W incandescent. Equipped with high-quality Samsung LED chips, the LED candelabra gives off 300 lumens of warm LED light, though it may actually appear much brighter.

  • “Even though these are like 40 watt bulbs, they are still brighter due to led function.” – KayKay
  • “This has worked well and they look nice.” – Douglas K Latch
  • “If your light fixture just barely accommodates the slender incandescent bulbs with the tapered ends, these are going to be a bit bigger and may not fit.” – M. Salsbury

LED Light Bulb 5 Watt - LED Bulbs Warm White - LED Light Bulb 400 Lumen - Light Bulb Energy Efficient - Light Bulb Energy Saver - LED Household Light Bulbs - LED Light Bulb Bathroom - LED Light Bulb Replacement - LED - Long Lifespan 50,000 + Hours - 2 Years Warranty. 8 pieces of high power Epistar 5630 SMD LED chips in each bulb.

The Best Bulb Investment That You Can Find.

The Highest Quality Bulb That Will Last You A Long Time.

No flicker problem.

Expert Advice
  • “Furthermore, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, this little gadget will save you tons of money on energy savings and replacement.” – Cloudy
  • “I love the warm white glow this light gives off.” – BlondBoy
  • “In addition to being functionally bright, it also creates a very inviting and cozy lighting in my daughter’s room.” – KBJ

Motion Detection Sensor LED High Performance Energy Saving Light Bulb E27 (5 Watt)

This LED light has a built in motion sensor and light sensor that will only work in dark places. It will only light up when it is needed. Won’t work inside closed trans globe, lamps or light fixtures.

G7 Power G7A17530 480 Lumen 5-watt LED A17, Warm White
G7 Power

G7 Power introduces the Terra Series of LED bulbs. At 480 lumens, this A17 size bulb will replace up to a 40-Watt incandescent bulb in nearly all fixtures.

Customer Reviews
  • “This is one of the best LED bulbs i’ve been able to find, and it’s also reasonably priced.” – Rusty
  • “The color of the light is warm white.” – Brianosaurus
  • “The second problem is that, after ~6 months of use, two of the bulbs have started flickering off and on.” – Michael A Berman

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